E&H Road Materials Areas of Operation

E&H Road Materials has a three-generation commitment in providing the best asphalt pavement, blacktop and paving services available. All paving company provides both commercial and residential solutions for all your paved surface projects. Services include industrial grade Asphalt Paving and Seal Coating as well as repair and maintenance services. All pavement projects receive site prep inspection and free estimates. Large-scale industrial projects are our specialty. Commercial parking lot paving or resurfacing and all other retail paved surface areas can be completed in a timely cost-effective manner by our trained professionals. E&H Road Materials uses the industry standard commercial equipment to deliver the best results for our clients. All services performed by fully licensed and trained professionals. We are available throughout the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. E&H Road Materials regularly provide service for the following cities:

Atlanta GA. | Chattanooga TN. | Philadelphia PA. | Chicago IL.

E&H Road Materials Paving Company is an industry leader in providing quality pavement service work and we have been doing so for three generations. We are committed to our local and extended community in providing the best asphalt paving work available. To find out how we can help you with any paving project you may have, Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your Free Estimate.

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